Kind ppl

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Kind of day where Kind ppl are my kind of ppl.


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There was a painting. I could hardly look at it. The person said it was special. The person said the gallery owners loved it as they sold it. (So I am told). I was floored. I thought, is this a mad joke. Over and over to myself I asked why do they all like this subject matter. Do they all hate me that much? I truly thought\think they all knew something I did not. I glanced at that painting of the lady walking away. WHAT I SAW. – A WOMEN WITH HER BACK TURNED AWAY FROM THE VIEWER, AND WALKING AWAY. I refused to look @ that painting – AND I NVR DID. I only glanced at it!!!

I did not want any part of that kind of manifestation. I thought I don’t want any women with her back to me, walking away from me. Especially not one I cared about. So I glanced at it & played nice. I said I liked it. I did not like the subject matter of that painting! I didn’t feel comfortable telling that person the truth. That I hated the thought of that subject matter. It’s not that I did not like the painting. I did truly like that painting. That’s why I could tell the person truthfully that I did like it. It was the subject matter that freaked me out! ’That was May 10th. 2020

December 21st 2020 #months later I knew that painting was special bcuz I was told so by the person. They mentioned it was special one time. That person probably figured I did not hear that. Oh, I did hear it and never forgot any of it. I finally got the courage to really look at that painting months later and figured out why it was special. _*What I saw next #hurt me to my core. I nvr in a million years knew one piece of art could hurt you so bad. It cut me so deep! A lesson of – HOW DEEP ART CAN BE!! I would not wish that pain on my worst enemy.

I asked for that painting and as always, I was told No!! I figured that person was sending me a message about the future. Who knows maybe it was a message to everyone… #ZaeArt

This painting made me blue!

Why be different

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I wanted to write this about being different. Recently I had to go through the last of old belongings. In doing so I found a box of letters. It contained all my high school reports. I was in shock, as I read the hateful reviews year after year. All except my art teacher. He said I made class interesting. The point is yes I was different. I went through a lot as a child. That’s a different story.

Here’s my point. No one knew how determined I was. I wasn’t going to stop until, well there was no until. That’s the point, I am and was wide open. I had goals. For this -being different- being determined- wanting to rise from the pits of hell- I was labeled over and over. People have always had stuff to say when I am not around. Don’t ever let them stop you!

It never stopped me. I pushed and pushed. I took the hardest routes and pushed some more. I would work at a restaurant until 3:00am and go to high school where the teachers hated me. They treated me like a criminal.

I watched the meanest people. I made mental note of all I saw.

So now that I achieved working with some of the biggest names in the world. (Another blog) Having been able to move my family back to my birth home state, California . Mostly, my greatest honor of all! Selling my hand made original fine art. The one thing I am most proud of, my #art.

What I want to know, is the click of high school teachers who saw someone different; Who hated someone different; What would they think? If they saw all the great things the kid who was at the bottom achieved.

So maybe if you are different and by chance you read this, you will think of all the great things you can, or have, added to your repertoire, throughout your journey. In my opinion you should look at your difference as your gift. It’s what makes you that one special light.

“Passage of Time” ZaeArt

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“Passage of time” #ZaeArt #HuffHarrington

ZAE ARTIST “Dream Sequence”

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#ZAEART I had a lot of fun with this painting. To me it is a happy, fun , whimsical painting. I feel a lot of joy with this painting. This painting represents freedom, open scale and an open consciousness. 

This is “Dream Sequence” the predecessor to “Dream Scape.” I was thinking about “Dream Scape” when I painted this.

One of my personal faves!



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40 yrs ago as I type this I interviewed the BAND KISS. #zaeart. I did child acting starting at a young age, I worked as a camera operator for many years. I have worked with Jimmy Carter former President of the United States of America, Max Cleland former US Senator, Jeff Foxworthy Showtime Special, Black Crows MTV Video, Herschel Walker Georgia Bulldogs , John Smoltz Atlanta Braves, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and many many many more. Always involved in the arts. I played guitar, drew, painted. I still have a a painting I did at 6yrs old oil on panel. I have always been involved with the arts. My Mother having over come such HUGE obstacles was an art teacher. Art has always been my life.

I remember interviewing KISS at 11 yrs old at the Omni. I spent all day traveling back to Atlanta to get to the venue in time. Went back stage and met the band. I was in shock seeing them without their makeup. Going backstage for the 1st time was a big deal. The only band I saw before KISS was The Swimming Pool Q’s at a bar parking lot. Times were different back then.

When I look back on the live recording (yes I was in the same room with them) I am so proud of myself. I have always tried my best at everything and anything I have done. I have been in a ton of situations like finding myself in an acrobatic plane or being at a Tom Petty concert protecting an endangered bird. (Crazy Story) and on and on.

I have been blessed to share my art with so many and to have had the opportunities I have.

Tonight was a time to reflect and say Thank you to the band KISS for letting me share their time. Also Ros Radley for reminding me on this day 40yrs ago.

Please do not forget to support my art. My paintings have sold around the world. Also a few sculptures through out the U.S

“Back Home”

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This painting titled “Back Home” is a large oil painting. On finished birch panel. Measuring 72×60″x2″.

In the painting there is a statement “this way home” well I guess it is true – “you can check out anytime you want but you can never leave.”


Zae Art in California

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I always support my local art galleries. #zaeIMG_9545

New Works #ZAEART 17

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I am settled in my new location outside of San Francisco. I have my new studio up and running. I am very excited to be hard at work. I also have been able to visit SFMoMa where I saw this beautiful work. I see why his art made people CRY! ….#ZAEART    Zaeart

#Zaeart in San Francisco

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I have been setting up my new Studio and looking at galleries in SF. I have started a few new works. I will be @artMarketSF the week of May 1st 2015. I feel privileged to have been on each side of the United States studying the art scene. I am so excited about the art scene here. My studio is close to being unpacked and the energy is flowing. I continue on my Journey! See you at #ArtMarketSF