“Passage of Time” ZAEART

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So Excited for these new works to get a new home. Here’s a story. “Passage of Time” I am more than an artist. I can see the future. Passage of time will have 7 owners After the 7th owner it will vanish never to be seen again. How do I know because when I looked down it was just there. 2019 #ZaeArt #passageoftime #HuffHarrington #please #enjoy


ZAE-General Electric love

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I have a lot of stories. 1st shout out to Huff Harrington Fine Art!

I wrote this because Oct 7th 2019 I had a conversation with a rich business man who was telling me art is a waste of time. I beg to differ! This is why below.

When I was younger I was to damn creative. This is a stupid story.

Back in the day way back. Way back. I had two pieces of steel sheets about 3 ft high approximately. They had just been sitting around doing nothing.

If you knew me you would understand I grab; just stupid grab a torch with NO idea of what I am going to do. I start heating the shit out of them with no rhyme or reason Till they were glowing red. I proceeded to shape them in a vertical oval. I weld these two pieces together. I can tell I’m on to something but at this point I still do not know what.

Next I cut two hearts into either side it was so bad ass. The piece of Art did not sit str8 it had swagger. I knew it. Then young me sticks it on the internet and writes something like this.

This pieces is like #LOVE. Strong, bent, imperfect but still standing -I dnt know something like that but longer. I meant it whatever I said it was from the heart. get it heart…

I get a call from some older guy who works at GE. I couldn’t believe he was buying the sculpture that I had stuck some moderately huge price on at the the beginning of my art selling phase. The guy from GE did buy the heart sculpture from me. It was gone within two days 20s something years ago.

I loved that piece. The corporate guy at GE said the only reason he bought the heart was because of what he was going through and that my art touched his #SOUL. I’ve always had great #LUCK selling art it amazes me.

I always hated selling my art. I like others to do that but I did meet some interesting ppl along the way.

I wonder what happened to that piece? Money says it is still bad azz?

Okay so here is why I wrote that. I still sell hearts. I Have had an Affinity with them since way, way back. There is a pic of a new heart I do- on my Instagram page like second post I ever did. The New piece is there for you to go see @ZAEART. If you ever own one you will be in a small club. Almost all ZAE Heart original pieces live w influential art collectors in SF!!

14 of those hearts were given out to SF clientele but #5 one of those hearts lives in Atlanta. That’s another story.

I am mailing the piece of art tomorrow.

The #NEW Heart Series started in 2018. It was a piece I developed to be an entry level piece. My art is so expensive and pretty much always has been $ having grew up poor I wanted a piece that was easily obtained by someone who did not have a lot of money. Hence the newly developed 2018 Heart Series. Take a look on the insta post for a visual reference.

Last on my website I have a donate button for my newest heart project. I am looking to take the smaller affordable piece and make it 6-9 feet tall and very expensive. I want it to be a public display. This dream only happens w art collectors who support ZAEART /\ LETS GO! Donate let’s make this happen together Ask me.

#ZAEART 4 life!


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Let’s talk about this painting. First it is titled “DAYS GONE BY” i abstract the NORM. So there is a lot I want to say but I will bite my tongue. Abandoned. Where have you been ZAEART? Kicking paintings right to your brain.

This is a fine art painting. Where the #&&$ is this painting going to be in a hundred years.

You would say the trash. Thanks. You must hate #nonRepresentationalart


Maybe 100 years down the line it will be on a computer some where turned from paint to bytes. A#future Digitized.

Real talk if someone you know enjoys what I provide hell let’s face it that’s not going to happen. Never mind.

This painting A hundred years from now it’s safe to say DAYS WILL HAVE GONE BY¿

please don’t follow don’t like Der art der.

Bye #zaeart!

Zae most dangerous artist

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I love to tell stories. Here is a story. This is my photo. My gift is art. Take all you want. Wipe your feet on me. As an artist I am already dirty. You think I care. If you collect my art or not because as you can see I was as artsy as I want to be. You see. Artist give their souls. I don’t care if you put a cigarette out on mine. I’m a broke artist my soul does not matter. I love to give my art. You should lock my art up because. #Zae is a dangerous artist armed with color. An intent to make you think upon your #refusal. I’ll break your force field against love of Art! If I could only say what I wanted to say. Demonstrate what I feel you could destroy my dreams because there is #No stopping zae right now. My dreams keep bleeding on to canvas day on and day out. My dreams don’t matter because I #SOLD THEM!

What I say is the 18th dimension rocks!

Writer Anne Rivers Siddons

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It saddens me a writer passed away today. I just saw a post my friend had about #AnneRiversSiddons passing away. You know the places I’ve been; The things I’ve done; The people I have meet. I will write about some of these in the future. It would surprise you –a from nothing, absolutely nothing city kid -has the craziest experiences.

I started thinking that I should write about some of these past stories. So seeing she has passed made me want to share this experience. Anne is a great example of the weird experiences I’ve had. I spent a lot of time (I mean a lot) at Anne Rivers Siddons house near Club Drive in Atlanta. Her house was 3 minutes from my house when I lived on the east coast. I guess it is a small world.

Her house was filled, every spot with something. I’ve never been in a house with so much stuff. Okay yes I have but those houses were hoarding nasty stuff. Anne’s was nice stuff. Visually pleasing stuff! Like nothing I have ever seen. I use to spend hours upon hours at her house over a couple years. I alway internalized the feelings I had toward all the #tchotchkes because my style is minimal. It was weird I usually do not like a (packed, cluttered)- like I said I do not know how to explain the space. It was very tight. The house was a German tutor which I loved. Great landscape. Hell! okay great everything. I would enter a dream like state at times over at her house. I also remember thinking how the hell does someone clean all this and around all of this #stuff. Man the wealth she had it was next level. I do think that her house molded my minimalist style. I always said I enjoy being here but not for me.

I loved being around the artsy household. I was selling paintings in galleries in Atlanta at the time this story takes place. It was weird to see levels of where the arts can lead you in life. My story is still unveiling. Although hers is done I share a memory with all. I know not many people spent time at her house. So I share a little behind The scenes with you as the curtain falls I leave you with this.

I heard Stephen King endorsed one of her later books. That in itself is a great accomplishment imho . #stephenking

Vaya Con Dios!

I am Looking to make new memories everyday. Support #Zae#Art #painter .

In my 20’s..

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It was apparent that I had a gift with the arts at a very young age. This is a story for anyone who wants to read it. Years or decades back, I joined a community arts center near where I lived. This is the story. So way back in the day the community art center that I was a new member of had an opportunity for people to display art at a high end restaurant. Being new I volunteered to get to know people and get connected with in the art community. I volunteered to hang all the art in the restaurant. I was working with two of the established artist. I will never forget how rude they were to me. As if because of my age I had a long way to go to sell art. I just sat back and blended in. Did what I was told and kept quiet. About halfway through hanging the work the head lady was trying to make a point to me about good art work (and how I was not of caliber because of how young I was). She proceeded to the next painting it was a painting of an Asian Lady with gold hair pins, she said “now look at this painting this is a good painting!” I LOOKED HER DEAD IN THE EYE AND SAID “THANKS” her mouth fell to the ground. She was in shock and said “what, why are you saying thanks?” I said “that is my painting.” She was speechless. I will never forget the look on her face.

Okay so there is more.

So now I know the painting is good because she said so; before she knew it was my artwork. I am thinking in my head oh my piece will be hung in this show for sure as many were not going to get the chance to be seen as half were not making it on the wall. I am smiling inside soon that smile will be removed within minutes. So the painting is in the lady’s hands and she is bragging on my artwork to the other guy. Saying things like “can you believe how good this painting is.” Well what do you think happens next, the other guy (both in their 40’s) knowing how good it is starts debating why it should not make the show. I am like WTF! Really so for 10 minutes he tells the Lady NO do not hang Zae’s piece of art. (it was obvious that they were threatened by my gift). Finally the lady says no and pulls rank and says the piece is going up. This is the minute I saw that art is very complicated and selling art is more!

So the last part of the story goes like this.

So the piece made the show I am ecstatic just from winning the battle being acknowledged by the art community. There is no turning back from this point. So here is how the story ends. The first night of the show I get a phone call. A lady from the gallery calls and says you will not believe that your painting sold the first night to a very rich art collector. She said she saw the work and said it was so beautiful she had to have it. The lady was like you don’t understand what a big deal this is, we rarely sell art this is crazy. Me being so young & poor I was in shock. I actually made a few bones! Made a rich art collector happy and in return they made me and the gallery happy. Everyone was happy!

My survival depends on true art lovers. Are you a true art lover? http://www.zaeart.com



ZAE ARTIST “Dream Sequence”

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#ZAEART Original 3D painting. This painting is dripping pure art! Can you see the art dripping off it. I saved this piece of canvas that was sitting in my #artstudio for over a decade. I folded it and moved across the country with it. I think I literally reached into a deep subconscious state to translate a point in the convex pulled it out and froze it in this canvas forever. This piece of intense art is not for the emerging collector as it is to advanced and (could cause confusion) This is for a seasoned art collector who buys art for translation of feelings and human spirit. The feelings were running so deep that I literally made this piece a 3D piece of art. I had a calling. I listened. I abstracted reality and this fell out the other side. There is more to this painting but that’s it for now. Email me for more details on this #painting. Www.zaeart.com