Zae Art in California

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My ART roots are growing back in my home in California. I have been putting in a lot of diligent work to start over out west. I am trying to meet as many new people as I can. is growing. Here I am in San Francisco doing art shows and taking a photo. Just having Fun and taking a break from networking. If you like my art drop me a line. #zaeIMG_9545


New Works #ZAEART 17

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I am settled in my new location outside of San Francisco. I have my new studio up and running. I am very excited to be hard at work. I also have been able to visit SFMoMa where I saw this beautiful work. I see why his art made people CRY! I am looking for new art brokers and starting everything from scratch. It has taken sometime to up root and come back to where it all started California. It feels so great to be back to my original home and creating! I think about my hands and how many people have ended up with my works throughout the world –Thanks for caring for my Babies….#ZAEART    Zaeart

#Zaeart in San Francisco

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I have been setting up my new Studio and looking at galleries in SF. I have started a few new works. I will be @artMarketSF the week of May 1st 2015. I feel privileged to have been on each side of the United States studying the art scene. I am so excited about the art scene here. My studio is close to being unpacked and the energy is flowing. I am hoping some galleries may take interest in my Art and some doors may open to allow me to continue on my Journey! See you at #ArtMarketSF

Still setting up new Notcal studio

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So I am still setting up the new studio. It is a slow process. The energy is building. Zaeart and zae gallery is inviting you for the next week January 1st-30th 2015 to come see the new studio. You can follow me on FB Twitter and my blog @ WordPress/Zaeart. zae’s site</


New studio in California

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I am setting up my new studio in California. I am painting in Nor Cal. I am excited; new beginnings new work. zae

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