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1968 American Zae Ulrich


King of pain

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King of pain


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visit my website at
Just got back from the west coast and am getting ready for the new york show.
Please visit zaeart.com for more info!

Peidmont review article is out

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Zae Mixed Media

New mixed media projects by Zae to be expected in the near future. I am bringing more and more to the table by commitment to excellence. Breaking rules new thoughts and vision some excepted others rejected. This is art. Every person see differences. Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it. This is what makes the world great the different views we all hold. Liking everything an artist does is not the key but not blaming the artist for trying something new for trying contemporary ideas followed with rejection then later acceptance. Modern art is about being misunderstood. It is modern not traditional of course it is foreign. Open minded people are the trendsetters. They accept the change. They embrace the change. They make the change. Life is art because it is change.


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Peidmont review is doing a article in an upcoming issue. If you are interested in art or what makes an artist tick be sure to check out this article in the upcoming issue of Peidmont review written by Jessica Holthaus who did a wonderful job comunicating my story.